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Rural Energy Program
Our Rural Energy Program (REP)  emphasizes on improving habitat conditions, both for the tribal population  and the ungulate population inside the reserve. 
The biogas plants  capacity  is eight cubic meter, and the cost of one unit is just Rs.5200( less than 100$). A similar biogas plant made from conventional building materials would cost more than Rs.25000. The reduction in the cost comes from use of non conventional materials like polythene sheets,  tyre rubber belts,  plastic buckets, empty mineral water bottles etc
A biogas plant can bring in a number of benefits for the beneficiaries and the environment,
  • Annually, each biogas plant can save  eight ton's of firewood and 64 liters of kerosene and  1.2 acres  of forest each year.
  • Each biogas plant produces about five ton's of bio-fertilizer annually ,which is 100% natural and contains  three times more nitrogen than chemical fertilizers.
  • The time saving for firewood collection and cooking averages to almost 1000 hours in each household (annually) provided with a biogas plant.
  • Each biogas plant can mitigate about five ton's of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. The credits thus earned could provide alternative financing for the sustainability of biogas program in that particular region.
  • Each biogas plant contributes to the reduction of green house effect by converting natural methane into fuel. One Kg of methane causes green house effect damage equivalent to 25 kg's of carbon dioxide. Additionally it saves the production of carbon dioxide by reducing the amount of wood burnt as fuel.
These are some of the benefits which a biogas plant . There are other socio-economic and macro benefits of using this technology. The main benefit is that the pressure on the forest land decreases, chances of human-wildlife conflict reduces, the forest area remains green which promotes the growth of ungulates and all this in the long run reduces the pressure on tigers inhabiting the forests. 
We are working for wildlife protection, education and environmental awareness  
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