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Bihar Flood Relief
Bihar is facing its worst ever disaster in recent times and the koshi floods (river of sorrow) has ravaged the lives of millions (almost 50 lakh people) in the state. It’s impossible to even estimate the magnitude of the damage caused, lives that has been lost in the last few days as millions are stranded in marooned areas where no relief effort has reached.
Folks who have been carrying out rescue operations in the state have been in touch and the situation on ground is really heart wrenching. We are trying to supply some relief material and work with the agencies and NGO’s to provide support.
What is our focus?
Our focus is on providing clean water, Life Jacket and Plastic sheet for temporary shelter. Availability of clean drinking water is necessary to prevent any epidemic breakdown. Your donations are required for buying medicines & Plastic. You can also help us in purchasing these medicines by providing contacts.
These medicines will be delivered to Chandan Singh who is part of our team and based out of Patna. Chandan will take care of its further distribution. Distribution will be through some of the good NGOs working in the relief operations.
Last year also the group had worked for the flood relief operation and drive details are available on http://biharfloodrelief.blogspot.com/ .This year’s efforts are updated on http://biharfloodrelief2008.blogspot.com/
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Operation Desk Patna
Chandan Singh
Main Boring Road
Patna 800001
+91 99317 63070
+91 61264 50916
Email :csingh@gmail.com
You can contact Chandan for any operation support ,anytime.
Contact Team
Vivek Kumar
Email: vivek.learner@gmail.com
Guneshwar Anand
Phd Student, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar
Ashok Sharma 
# +1-978-729-1934
Email: ashok.1857@gmail.com
Sarvesh Kumar 
# +91-9886022615
Email: sarveshk@gmail.com
Amitesh Bharti
# +91-9972309967
Email: amitesh.bharti@in.bosch.com
Ramashankar Pandey
New Delhi
Divyanshu Verma
Email: divyanshuv@gmail.com
Ajit Chouhan
Email: ajitchouhan@gmail.com
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